What is a Business Wellness Workshop?

Business Wellness Workshops are business clinics designed to help business owners identify performance improvement needs with strategic impact and identify key steps to address those needs.

Each Workshop is led by an experienced business management advisor, well versed in the use of the Business Wellness Checkup™ diagnostic tool.  The Workshop Leader is supported by a group of management domain experts, creating an environment where participating business owners can quicky find answers to important questions.

Workshops are divided into two general segments.  The first segment focuses on setting performance improvement priorities by identifying where key business goals may be impacted by critical management issues described within the participant's Business Wellness Checkup™ results.  If the participant is truly committed to achieving their goals, addressing the identified management issues becomes a priority.

Armed with an understanding of their critical management issues, the second Workshop segment connects the participant with management experts in each management dicipline who will advise them on steps they might take to address their priority issues.

At the conclusion of the Workshop, participating business owners will leave with a list of actions they can take to drive performance improvement and connections to area management experts who can help them achieve their goals.

If participants wish to accelerate their performance improvement, the Workshop Leader can register them for the core of the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™, the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™.  The Business Evaluation is a collection of online management diagnostics covering leadership, business planning, financial planning & control, marketing, sales, innovation, business exit planning and more.

When administering the Business Evaluation, the Workshop Leader or other business advisor will commonly invite management domain experts from the Workshop, or other members of a Business Wellness Advisor Network™ to participate in the review of your evaluation results.  These experts will help to interpret the diagnostic results and suggest a course of action to implement performance improvement recommendations.

Who Should Attend?

If you are:

  • A business owner or CEO of an established middle-market or smaller business, with...
  • Ten or more employees, and you are...
  • Committed to driving performance improvement in your company,

...then the Business Wellness Workshop is for you!

The Business Wellness Checkup™

The Business Wellness Checkup™ is a unique online management diagnostic tool designed by EvaluSys®.Business Wellness Checkup

The Checkup is the point of entry to the EvaluSys Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™, a collection of advanced management diagnostic tools used broadly within the management consulting profession to quickly identify performance improvement opportunities for middle-market and small business clients.

The Checkup takes 15 minutes on average to complete and diagnostic results are delivered immediately via email.  Business Wellness Workshop™ participants will complete the Checkup diagnostic in advance of the Workshop and bring their results email with them on the day of the Workshop.